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Summary Meeting of 2022 Technical Quality Line Work
2023-02-09 Corporate News
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On the morning of February 1st, 2023, the company held a summary meeting for the 2022 technical quality line work in the conference room on the second floor. The meeting was attended by leaders and key personnel from the Quality Department, R&D Center, Testing Center, Engineering Department.


Each department reported on their work for the year 2022, elaborating on five aspects: basic situation, business, target values, values, and innovation points. They summarized the highlights and shortcomings of the work in 2022 and formulated work goals for 2023.

Last week, the meeting affirmed the work of each department in 2022 and deployed the work for 2023.


Mr. Zhou proposed that the R&D center and quality department should include the profit center in their work plan for 2023, encouraging everyone to innovate and submit more patents in the new year. All department personnel are required to increase their motivation, learn from excellent old employees, improve their professional skills, and lay a strong foundation for future work.