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News Flash: Sheyang Economic Development Zone Deputy Directors Shao Guobin and Liu Jianjun Visited Huadong Medicine Headquarters in Hangzhou.
2022-10-24 Corporate News

On the afternoon of October 21, 2022, Shao Guobin, Deputy Director of Sheyang Economic Development Zone, and Liu Jianjun, Deputy Director of Sheyang Economic Development Zone, visited the Hangzhou headquarters of East China Pharmaceutical. Yang Chu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the joint-stock company, Wu Hui, Deputy General Manager, and Chen Bo, Secretary of the Board of Directors, participated in the reception and had detailed exchanges with the leaders of the development zone. Both parties agreed to solve the historical legacy problems in Jiuyang, Jiangsu as soon as possible, and further support Jiuyang's strengthening and expansion, so as to make greater contributions to the Sheyang economy. The leaders of the development zone also visited the East China Pharmaceutical Headquarters Industrial Research Institute and the formulation production workshop.