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EHS Vision

        Adhering to sustainable development is the practice of social responsibility of Joyang Laboratories and the commitment to employees and environment. By establishing and improving the EHS (environment/health/safety) management system, Joyang Laboratories ensure that EHS management is integrated into the entire process from product development to delivery, and realize the safe and green development of the enterprise, so that our employees can realize their personal value in the excellent EHS culture.

EHS Policy

Total Involvement, prevention first, science and technology leading, green development

EHS Goal

Zero accident, zero injury, standard discharge, clean production

EHS Authentication

ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System

ISO45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management system certification enterprise

Mandatory cleaner production audit and certification enterprises

Safety production standardization secondary enterprises(dangerous chemical)

Safety production informatization certification enterprise

Corporate safety concept

Humans are the biggest security risk

The source of safety management must grasp the key point of people. Improve and strengthen the safety management system, daily supervision and violation penalties from the perspective of thinking and overcoming the weakness of human nature . In safety management, to be strict with people is to be responsible for people.

There is no small thing about safe work

For safety management, Generalities are empty talk, but what we need to catch are small things, because small things are not small, "the dike of a thousand miles is destroyed in the ant nest."Safety management work is a process of prevention gradually and a subtle, systematic project.

Violation is equal to accident

From the statistical law of the accident, it can be concluded that the injury accident is the result of the accumulation of uncertain violations. In a nutshell, continuous violations always lead to the occurrence of accidents. we often lightly blame violations, and even sympathize with violations or find excuses for violations to reduce penalties in fact. We must change this situation. We would rather kill "violations" by mistake than let go of "accidents", so that illegal behavior becomes a rat crossing the street and everyone shouts.

The risks are manageable

Develop different risk levels and control levels according to different places. Establishing a risk-controlled pipeline concept can make employees do not have to be overly tight at work, but can pay more attention to process operations and observe safety factors, and promote the implementation of safety.

Safety rectification is endless

Safety rectification and work improvement have no end, it is necessary to organize and classify the hidden dangers found in a timely manner, Invest in what needs to be invested, adjust what needs to be adjusted and always look for opportunities for improvement changing from passive to active, and constantly strive for excellence, so that the company's safety conditions and state have been in a continuous rising stage.

Safety management depends on technology

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and safety management must also rely on it. We will introduce integrated, intelligent and networked equipment to reduce the number of operating staff and workload. It is necessary to introduce more high-end control systems and equipment to improve early warning capabilities. Science and technology is the basis for safety management work .